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E-mail : bureaubuitengoed@hotmail.com
Phone : 0031 (0) 6 427 469 21
Languages : Dutch , English , French , German , Serbo-Croatian

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Having lived in the Balkans for research (political and social sciences), this bit of Europe became my second home. I learned the Serbo-Croat language and the little Balkan pleasures that make this place so joyfull. It is wild in a positive way. It’s nature is unbeatable. It’s people even more. Encounters with the locals guaranteed. Their stories tell you more than all travelguides. This truly unique bit of our continent will become much more accesible with me as your guide.

Experienced guide for active (outdoor) and cultural trips. Academic degree in social sciences, specialised in politics and culture, great interest in art and history. Completed a set of basic courses and lectures on guiding, compass and map-reading, weather, hiking techniques, social skills for tourguides and an anually repeated (officially recognised) first aid course.

Fees depend upon groupsize, destination and special needs

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Vigan Jedrashi Albanian

City : Prishtina
E-mail : vigan_ch@hotmail.com
Phone : +386 49 11 88 42
Languages : English

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Tours and prices
I am new to tourguiding but very confident on delivering the best u can get from Kosovo, and completely not worried about the pay.

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Currently in the second year studying Communication Sciences in South East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. I have lived all my life in Kosova’s capital Prishtina, and i know every corner and every dirty secret about my city, and country. I have participated on guiding turists from Turkey, Sweden, Usa and others but never officialy. Kosova is a small, very energetic and young country with plenty of religious, historical and sightseeing to experience. Everyone is always welcome in Kosova.

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